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One-Stop Transportation Service

As your partner in transportation, we offer one-stop service. Fuel, for example, is available to customers at discounted prices. This fuel-buying privilege, alone, can mean major saving for Star customers compared to buying fuel at retail prices. Star’s 10-point inspection at each fueling can protect your trucks against breakdowns, as well.

Star can also provide permits and fuel tax reporting, as well as help you plan fuel stops according to lowest cost and convenience.

Your trucks will look good and stay looking good. Star can paint and letter to your specifications, or work with you to develop unique lettering designs and/or color combinations. Star also provides washing services.

Star Truck Rentals has the unique advantage of being small enough to know you, and to know your specific transportation requirements – while being large enough to fulfill those requirements. Whether you’re looking for long-term leasing, short-term rentals, fleet maintenance, or safety and compliance consulting, call the Star Branch Office nearest you.

You will be satisfied. We won’t have it any other way.

10-Point Inspection

The 10 points include:

  • Permits/Regulations Pouch
  • Lights
  • Clean Windshield
  • Fuel
  • Air-Tanks (Drain)
  • Check Maintenance Sticker
  • Oil
  • Check Fuel Decal
  • Tires
  • Coolant Level