Maximize your truck driver safety and compliance. Minimize your transportation hassles.

Our safety and compliance services are wide-reaching, just like your business goals. We’ll keep you in step with truck driver safety regulations and best practices, so you can get back to business.

At a glance: truck driver safety programs

Star Safety and Compliance is competitively priced and available whether you lease, rent, or own commercial vehicles. Star Truck Rentals leasing customers receive many of these services at reduced pricing. Star Safety and Compliance is a division of Star Employee Leasing LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Star Truck Rentals, Inc. Here’s a quick look at our safety programs.

Driver-Specific Safety

  • Driver Qualification Files
  • Driver Screening & Evaluation
  • Driver Training School for CDL
  • Driver CDL Third-Party Testing

Transportation Department Safety

  • Compliance, Safety and Accountability Program Advising
  • Customized Safety Programs and Training
  • Hours of Service Auditing and Classes
  • Regulation Updates
  • Safety Meetings
  • Star Substance Abuse Consortium
  • DOT Mock Audit
  • DOT Audit Response

Driver-specific safety

Driver qualification files

We can advise on and oversee the necessary documentation for all drivers, as required by the DOT. Such documentation includes appropriate license, DOT physical exams, road test, annual MVR (driving reports), and log book auditing.

Driver screening and evaluation

Let’s strengthen your hiring process together. We’ll screen potential drivers and evaluate their qualifications and accurate licensing. You’ll gain time to concentrate on qualified drivers that can move your business forward.

Driver training school for CDL

Access commercial driver’s license (CDL) training and testing services provided by Star Professional Driver Training School licensed by the State of Michigan. Entry-level driver training, one-on-one ongoing training and CDL workshops are available.

Transportation department safety

With over 150 years of experience, we know how to navigate safety. Choose Star Safety and Compliance to keep you informed on today’s transportation safety measures and mandates.

Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) Program advising

Gain a better understanding of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s CSA Program, its scoring method and your challenge areas for both drivers and supervisors.

Hours of Service auditing and classes

Learn the ins and outs of Hours of Service regulations. Determine whether or not Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are needed for transportation needs.

Regulation updates

Sign up for our email alerts and updates detailing new or modified transportation safety regulations.

Star Substance Abuse Consortium

Stay prepared for random alcohol and drug testing that’s mandated by state and federal safety organizations. Your paid membership in this consortium provides you with updates to the DOT regulations, as well as assistance with compliance. Access our information and guidance with training, ongoing driver testing, written content for organizational policies and recordkeeping. We provide recommendations for certified substance abuse professionals, should you require it.

Customized safety programs

Our team walks alongside you as you get your in-house safety program off the ground and provides ongoing evaluations and training upon your request. Such evaluations can minimize the possibility of exposure to civil fines for noncompliance. Training can be geared toward drivers or supervisors.

Safety Meetings

Attend our ongoing safety trainings, available at our many locations throughout Michigan and Indiana. Or, let us bring the safety training program to you. 

dOT Mock audit

We’ll conduct a review of your accident registers, driver qualification files, log books and maintenance records so you’re better prepared for your next DOT compliance review.

dOT audit response

After your DOT audit, we’ll recommend best business practices to address any improvements and/or fines. We’re here to assist you in working through those areas of improvement.

Contact our dedicated truck driver safety team

Our dedicated team stays at the forefront of all there is to know about transportation. Contact us to walk alongside you and get you up to speed on compliance and best practices. Together, we keep your trucks on the road.

We’re here to simplify your transportation department demands when you need us. We’ll even bring the training team to you.

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