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Star Logistx Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Star Truck Rentals, Inc.

This business unit allows Star to offer a full dedicated logistics program where under all the many benefits of a full-service lease can be combined with drivers, insurance, dispatch services and any other services needed. Star’s very capable Safety and Compliance Division coupled with its driver leasing operations make dedicated logistics a natural and routine addition to Star’s full-service suite of transportation services. The convenience and “one-stop shopping” offered by this program  allows our business partners to concentrate more intensely on their core business and leave the hassles of transportation to the experts.

Through our AmeriQuest affiliation we can offer you computerized route planning and driver management; even taking over your entire supply chain management as a third party provider of equipment, drivers, fuel, etc…

We can help you:
• utilize decision support and geographic information systems for more efficient planning.
• optimize delivery frequencies and day assignments to balance vehicle workloads.
• evaluate new customers or markets to accurately determine potential profitability.