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Star Logistx Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Star Truck Rentals, Inc.

This business unit allows Star to offer a full dedicated logistics program where under all the many benefits of a full-service lease can be combined with drivers, insurance, dispatch services and any other services needed. Star’s very capable Safety and Compliance Division coupled with its driver leasing operations make dedicated logistics a natural and routine addition to Star’s full-service suite of transportation services. The convenience and “one-stop shopping” offered by this program  allows our business partners to concentrate more intensely on their core business and leave the hassles of transportation to the experts.

Through our AmeriQuest affiliation we can offer you computerized route planning and driver management; even taking over your entire supply chain management as a third party provider of equipment, drivers, fuel, etc…

We can help you:
• utilize decision support and geographic information systems for more efficient planning.
• optimize delivery frequencies and day assignments to balance vehicle workloads.
• evaluate new customers or markets to accurately determine potential profitability.

ELD and Telemetrics Benefits

After a great deal of research, we’ve selected Cyntrx for our telematics partner and in 2016 we began installing their ELD/telematics system in our new lease trucks as well as in the majority of our rental trucks. Wisconsin-based Cyntrx has been offering information technology (IT) solutions since 2004. Our partnership with this leading IT company provides current and prospective clients with ELD compliance, systems quality assurance, and greater convenience.

Cyntrx is among the FMCSA list of compliant ELD systems and it brings a bulk of benefits to the table:

  • Customers can decide which elements of Cyntrx’s OnCommand system they wish to activate: solely the ELD, Speed Gauge, or the global positioning system; all of which include monthly air-time fees.
  • Remote communication of essential vehicle diagnostic information is sent via secure, wireless transmission back to your fleet managers. Data is derived from a multitude of sensors including engine codes, after-treatment systems, tire status, and even ancillary equipment such as reefer hours and box temperatures. The diagnostic information comes through OnCommand, which is available from Navistar and is adaptable to all makes and models of commercial trucks. OnCommand reads and prioritizes the 18,000+ engine and vehicle codes, allowing our logistics team to use predictive maintenance measures and resolve diagnostic issues problems through wireless communication. This results in less vehicle downtime and fewer on-the-road emergencies.
  • Navigation options include live tracking, live traffic flow, and geo-fencing. Safety features include tracking for hard braking, cornering, and acceleration. For an additional fee, Cyntrx offers Speed Gauge, an application that analyzes road speeds versus actual posted highway speed limits. The system also allows for real-time mileage reporting which will be convenient for lease and rental billing. It also offers a way of simplifying fuel tax reporting — no more chasing trip reports.
  • A six-month historical data backup is available within the Cyntrx cloud system.
  • Cyntrx allows businesses flexibility to rent, lease or add a new vehicle to their fleet using a month-to-month plan or annual plan. This is especially helpful to smaller fleets and businesses impacted by seasonal swings.
  • Clear and convenient training links and webinars are available, courtesy of Cyntrx.


All of our rental and new lease trucks will be equipped with the Cyntrx ELD Pro system over time, as trucks are returned to our various locations. Current and prospective customers will have the option to activate the various GPS functions and/or activate the ELD function, up until the final compliance when it becomes mandatory. Month-to-month air-time fees apply to any GPS or ELD options activated.

Customers who own their trucks but still utilize our fleet management or CMV driver training services may request the Cyntrx ELD Pro system be installed by our Star Truck Rentals maintenance team. Pricing is available through our sales team by phone at 1.800.748.0468 or by email at brentl@starlease.com.

Working With Other ELDs and Telematics Systems

Often times, other ELD and telematics systems allow access to OnCommand’s diagnostic codes. In the case of any conflicts with Cyntrx, especially to obtain mileage and fuel reporting, the customer would need to provide that information directly to us.


Cyntrx services their components exclusively, outside of our installation and wiring maintenance support. Any vehicle repairs will be serviced by our expert maintenance team.